Date Surname Inits Injury
02-Jan-45 Bathurst BL Uninjured
03-Jan-45 Morris RG Fatally Injured
03-Jan-45 Aldren T Uninjured
03-Jan-45 Ball J Uninjured
03-Jan-45 Slimm CJ Uninjured
04-Jan-45 Matthews AJ Uninjured
04-Jan-45 Bower AK Uninjured
04-Jan-45 Flower EC Uninjured
04-Jan-45 O'Neill AD Uninjured
04-Jan-45 McDouall FM Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Butler DM Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Maguire E Uninjured
07-Jan-45 George PM Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Pecho F Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Gibbs JA Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Hill MB Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Jordan WA Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Hill MB Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Veitch J Uninjured
07-Jan-45 Murray AJ Injured
08-Jan-45 Cripps DAR Uninjured
08-Jan-45 Keith-Jopp WS Uninjured
09-Jan-45 Kenyon TH Uninjured
10-Jan-45 Lingard AF Uninjured
10-Jan-45 McSween JB Uninjured
11-Jan-45 Parish DE Uninjured
11-Jan-45 Crawford HO Uninjured
11-Jan-45 MacCallum JA Uninjured
11-Jan-45 Ellis HA Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Smith WSC Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Brown JW Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Gerrard RG Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Powell EJ Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Betts NP Uninjured
17-Jan-45 Cruttenden PJ Uninjured
18-Jan-45 Graham CJ Uninjured
18-Jan-45 George PM Uninjured
19-Jan-45 Seear JK Uninjured
20-Jan-45 Lack A Slightly Injured
20-Jan-45 Bates WS Uninjured
20-Jan-45 Walton S Uninjured
21-Jan-45 Willans T Fatally Injured
22-Jan-45 Taylor B Uninjured
22-Jan-45 Phillips G Uninjured
23-Jan-45 Sawyer HD Uninjured
24-Jan-45 McDouall FM Uninjured
28-Jan-45 Hill F Uninjured
28-Jan-45 Birdsall AM Uninjured
29-Jan-45 Thomas DH Uninjured
30-Jan-45 Riley WTI Uninjured
31-Jan-45 Thomas H Injured
01-Feb-45 Lonergan CTD Uninjured
01-Feb-45 Bishop C Uninjured
01-Feb-45 Willis V Uninjured
03-Feb-45 Parkes PG Uninjured
03-Feb-45 Cutts CE Uninjured
03-Feb-45 Davy FR Uninjured
04-Feb-45 Williams RG Fatally Injured
04-Feb-45 Todd GR Uninjured
04-Feb-45 Nichols CV Uninjured
07-Feb-45 Mitchell CA Uninjured
07-Feb-45 Bradley PP Uninjured
07-Feb-45 Sisley Uninjured
07-Feb-45 Kemp LAR Uninjured
08-Feb-45 Collins HJW Uninjured
08-Feb-45 Gould CC Fatally Injured
09-Feb-45 Smith WSC Uninjured
09-Feb-45 Marmot P Uninjured
09-Feb-45 Castle WF Uninjured
09-Feb-45 Brasher RDN Uninjured
09-Feb-45 Armstrong M Uninjured
10-Feb-45 Greenhalg GT Uninjured
10-Feb-45 Prince H Uninjured
10-Feb-45 Day KHV Uninjured
10-Feb-45 Seelly MGStJ Fatally Injured
13-Feb-45 Weiner DW Uninjured
13-Feb-45 Baxter-Jones VR Uninjured
13-Feb-45 Wrightson BF Fatally Injured
14-Feb-45 Finlayson JC Slightly Injured
14-Feb-45 James CD Uninjured
14-Feb-45 Biggs LO Uninjured
15-Feb-45 Fairman AER Fatally Injured
21-Feb-45 Shine EF Uninjured
21-Feb-45 Lewis RD Uninjured
21-Feb-45 Zieminski A Uninjured
21-Feb-45 Kempster EAD Uninjured
22-Feb-45 Fordham W Uninjured
23-Feb-45 Dawes LG Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Harle MB Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Haseldine AT Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Reid DD Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Zieminski A Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Collins HJW Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Haseldine AT Uninjured
25-Feb-45 Latter IS Uninjured
25-Feb-45 Keith-Jopp WS Uninjured
26-Feb-45 McSween JB Uninjured
27-Feb-45 Reid DD Uninjured
28-Feb-45 Leyshon P Uninjured
28-Feb-45 Leyshon P Uninjured
01-Mar-45 Double EF Uninjured
01-Mar-45 Iredale N Uninjured
01-Mar-45 Byard w Uninjured
02-Mar-45 Cochrane JN Uninjured
02-Mar-45 Wilson FWW Uninjured
02-Mar-45 Somogy W Uninjured
03-Mar-45 Nettleton JR Uninjured
04-Mar-45 Silcock WRK Uninjured
05-Mar-45 Dackers EF Slightly Injured
07-Mar-45 Seymour JT Uninjured
07-Mar-45 Robertson R Uninjured
08-Mar-45 Jaggar R Uninjured
09-Mar-45 Goodwright RE Uninjured
10-Mar-45 Harvey EJ Uninjured
11-Mar-45 Roberts R Uninjured
11-Mar-45 Merlin-Davies L Uninjured
14-Mar-45 James CD Uninjured
15-Mar-45 Shepherd LAR Uninjured
15-Mar-45 Lewis RD Uninjured
16-Mar-45 Blundell HP Uninjured
16-Mar-45 Majewski A Uninjured
18-Mar-45 Irwin AC Uninjured
19-Mar-45 Fong S Uninjured
20-Mar-45 Hill F Fatally Injured
20-Mar-45 Brown J Fatally Injured
20-Mar-45 Shine EF Uninjured
20-Mar-45 Agaronoff A Uninjured
20-Mar-45 Stewart IH Uninjured
20-Mar-45 Steynor MB Uninjured
20-Mar-45 Kemp LAR Uninjured
22-Mar-45 Shirley DJ Uninjured
22-Mar-45 Sturman EG Uninjured
23-Mar-45 Mucadum NR Uninjured
24-Mar-45 Dempsey W Uninjured
25-Mar-45 Hill MB Uninjured
25-Mar-45 Butler DM Uninjured
30-Mar-45 Jaugsch L Slightly Injured
30-Mar-45 Reid DD Uninjured
02-Apr-45 Quill LJ Uninjured
02-Apr-45 Baxter-Jones VR Uninjured
03-Apr-45 Pass RJ Uninjured
03-Apr-45 Ball JE Uninjured
07-Apr-45 Irwin AC Slightly Injured
09-Apr-45 Boyes EAD Uninjured
10-Apr-45 Brown KW Uninjured
13-Apr-45 Mucadum NR Uninjured
14-Apr-45 Hunt RL Uninjured
14-Apr-45 Steynor MB Uninjured
14-Apr-45 Boyes EAD Uninjured
16-Apr-45 Ffrench P Uninjured
18-Apr-45 Warrington A Uninjured
18-Apr-45 Spiller EJ Uninjured
20-Apr-45 Burns H Uninjured
20-Apr-45 Regan GB Fatally Injured
21-Apr-45 Hayward DR Fatally Injured
25-Apr-45 Murtagh MA Uninjured
02-May-45 Jaggar R Uninjured
04-May-45 MacCallum JA Uninjured
05-May-45 Matthews AJ Uninjured
06-May-45 Whitton BA Uninjured
07-May-45 Record AJ Uninjured
10-May-45 Harmer RH Uninjured
12-May-45 Pollock AC Uninjured
12-May-45 Dutton GE Uninjured
15-May-45 Angus AN Uninjured
15-May-45 Tibbett PA Uninjured
19-May-45 Graham CJ Uninjured
21-May-45 Keith-Jopp WS Uninjured
23-May-45 Jackson RJR Fatally Injured
25-May-45 Bradshaw S Uninjured
26-May-45 Turle WJ Uninjured
26-May-45 Grenside PJ Uninjured
28-May-45 Kingston EL Uninjured
29-May-45 Stern J Uninjured
30-May-45 Chalmers IC Uninjured
30-May-45 Birkett TB Uninjured
31-May-45 Majewski A Uninjured
05-Jun-45 Fryer N Uninjured
06-Jun-45 Matthews AJ Uninjured
12-Jun-45 Mickel FAW Uninjured
12-Jun-45 Cowdry RH Uninjured
20-Jun-45 Bayliss PW Uninjured
20-Jun-45 Mustoe GE Uninjured
21-Jun-45 Angus AN Uninjured
23-Jun-45 Lynch PM Uninjured
25-Jun-45 Bradshaw SO Uninjured
26-Jun-45 Record AJ Uninjured
27-Jun-45 Cowdry RH Uninjured
27-Jun-45 Drzewiecki J Uninjured
29-Jun-45 Kempster EAD Fatally Injured
29-Jun-45 Race H Fatally Injured
30-Jun-45 Sprague J Uninjured
02-Jul-45 Hopkins DJR Uninjured
05-Jul-45 Stedall GA Uninjured
12-Jul-45 Dlugaszewski KW Uninjured
13-Jul-45 Tompkins LB Uninjured
20-Jul-45 Fong S Uninjured
24-Jul-45 Murray AJ Uninjured
25-Jul-45 Fryer N Uninjured
30-Jul-45 Davis JN Uninjured
01-Aug-45 Harris GJ Uninjured
01-Aug-45 Merlin-Davies L Uninjured
07-Aug-45 Murtagh MA Uninjured
10-Aug-45 Bishop CE Uninjured
10-Aug-45 Martens JE Uninjured
13-Aug-45 Pecho F Seriously Injured
22-Aug-45 Merlin-Davies L Uninjured
27-Aug-45 Tompkins LB Uninjured
27-Aug-45 Rymer G Uninjured
27-Aug-45 Jaggar R Uninjured
30-Aug-45 Burton JR Fatally Injured
31-Aug-45 Hunt R Uninjured
31-Aug-45 Rider GLW Uninjured
01-Sep-45 Angus AN Uninjured
04-Sep-45 Mickel FAW Uninjured
11-Sep-45 Chadwick MG Uninjured
17-Sep-45 Hamilton LS Uninjured
18-Sep-45 Dutton C Uninjured
21-Sep-45 George PM Uninjured
24-Sep-45 Hunt RLM Uninjured
30-Sep-45 Burton JR Fatally Injured
01-Oct-45 Frisby PJ Uninjured
01-Oct-45 Spain HE Uninjured
02-Oct-45 Taberner J Uninjured
11-Oct-45 Graham CJ Uninjured
15-Oct-45 Stringer HC Uninjured
23-Oct-45 Ellis HA Uninjured
25-Oct-45 Coopper DJ Uninjured


Date Surname Inits Injury
03-Jan-45 Irwin Z Uninjured
05-Jan-45 Morgan AJ Uninjured
11-Jan-45 Lennox ME Uninjured
12-Jan-45 Provis PM Uninjured
31-Jan-45 Alexander S Uninjured
01-Feb-45 Shiel M Uninjured
03-Feb-45 Gough J Uninjured
08-Feb-45 Lennox ME Uninjured
12-Feb-45 Black B Uninjured
14-Feb-45 Cholmondley V Uninjured
14-Feb-45 Eveleigh YH Uninjured
20-Feb-45 Blackwell PA Uninjured
21-Feb-45 Nayler JE Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Tharp J Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Van Zanten I Uninjured
24-Feb-45 Shiel M Uninjured
25-Feb-45 Wilkins ME Uninjured
27-Feb-45 May E Uninjured
28-Feb-45 Stanley-Smith KM Uninjured
28-Feb-45 Shiel Uninjured
02-Mar-45 Paddon Z Uninjured
24-Mar-45 Hennings S Uninjured
25-Mar-45 Hayman B Uninjured
26-Mar-45 Mackenzie Uninjured
29-Mar-45 Agazarian M Uninjured
04-Apr-45 Ratliff MJ Uninjured
10-Apr-45 Wojtulanis S Uninjured
11-Apr-45 Black B Uninjured
13-Apr-45 Irwin Z Uninjured
13-Apr-45 Beverley P Uninjured
14-Apr-45 Mackenzie A Uninjured
16-Apr-45 Irwin Z Uninjured
16-Apr-45 Bird J Uninjured
19-Apr-45 Paddon Z Uninjured
20-Apr-45 Murray L Fatally Injured
20-Apr-45 de Bunsen M Uninjured
02-May-45 Lennox ME Uninjured
04-May-45 Kerly H Uninjured
14-May-45 Illsley KM Uninjured
15-May-45 Allen N Uninjured
29-May-45 Keith-Jopp EB Uninjured
31-May-45 Guthrie SM Uninjured
02-Jun-45 Ramsay D Uninjured
08-Jun-45 Bennett PM Uninjured
13-Jun-45 Dunlop MAC Uninjured
15-Jun-45 Falkiner L Uninjured
26-Jun-45 Powys MEA Uninjured
27-Jun-45 Walker A Injured
29-Jun-45 Bennett F Uninjured
05-Jul-45 Ramsay D Slightly Injured
07-Jul-45 Power CER Uninjured
11-Jul-45 Dunlop MAC Uninjured
11-Jul-45 Jenner Z Uninjured
11-Jul-45 Keith-Jopp EB Uninjured
05-Aug-45 Frost M Uninjured
09-Aug-45 Bonnett RL Uninjured
10-Aug-45 Hirsch KMF Uninjured
20-Aug-45 Eveleigh YH Uninjured
25-Aug-45 Barnato-Walker D Uninjured
30-Aug-45 Russell RM Uninjured
03-Sep-45 Eveleigh YM Uninjured
28-Sep-45 Leaf FM Uninjured

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  ATA Organisation


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  • EFTS / IFTS - Elementary / Initial Flying Training School
  • AMF / Air Movements Flight (1942–45)
  • AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School (1942–45)


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