M. 48 *  Captain  Stephen Peter Reed

 flag england

 b. 15 Sep 1912, Sandwich, Kent  c. 1 April 1940 to 23 Sep 1940 

  ata stephen reed 1935 1935      


Father: Alfred Stephen Reed (d. 8 Oct 1939); Mother: Madeline Cecil [Murphy-Grimshaw]

prev. Lieut. in Royal Artillery; BOAC Pilot

Summoned in 1933 for "causing unnecessary noise with his car."

He said to PC Durrant, who arrested him, "I don't as a rule try to square you people, but if you can see your way clear to overlook this I will have the car altered". However, the Chairman of the Bench was determined to stop "this nonsense of these horrible contraptions called sports cars" and fined him £1.

Address in 1935: RA Mess, Fort Brockhurst, Gosport, Kent

Address in 1940: Westover, Croyde Bay, Devon


 d. 23 Sep 1940 (age 28) (Died in ATA) Beaufort swung on approach and wing hit ground at Dumfries 

* Personnel file missing



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