M.69 * Captain  Stuart William Anthony Scott 
 flag england b. 19 Jan 1909 , Dunsford, Exeter  23 Jun 1940 to 7 Oct 1941




Father: Arthur Matthew Cecil Scott, a farmer. Mother: Mabel Dorothy Mary [Hardy]

Ed. King Edward VI School, Stratford-on-Avon

RAeC Certificate 10357 dated 9 Mar 1932, at Liverpool Aero Club in an Avian.

He owned G-EBWU, a 1928 Avro 594 Avian III, which had competed in the King's Cup in 1930 and 1931.

Address in 1932: Moor House, Totnes, S. Devon

m. 3 Jul 1937 in Christ Church, Surrey, Sheila Eileen [Roberts]  (2 children)


 prev. Airline pilot (Gravesend Aviation, Provincial Airways and Air Despatch; Imperial Airways from 1937).



 Transferred to AtFero

 "During the war he carried out operational flights over Scandinavia and with the North Atlantic Ferry Service. To-day he commands a 8.0.A.C. Stratocruiser airliner with which the Corporation operate their service across the North Atlantic to New York and Montreal."


In 1955, the first British pilot to have flown the Atlantic 500 times:


 d. 1984 - N. Dorset

* ATA Personnel File Missing


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