M.96  First Officer Frederick George Shaw Wilson 

flag scotland

 b. 6 Feb 1905, Maxwellton, Scotland  29 Apr 1940 to 24 Sep 1944 

  ata frederick wilson 1939 1939   ATAM    


Ed. 'HMS Conway'

m. 1928 Elizabeth Murral [Doyle]

prev. F/O RAF, 1925-32; a Seaman

Address in 1939: 24a Denzil Ave, Southampton

 Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP, 3FPP

 Reprimanded twice:

- 12 Oct 1940, suspended without pay for 7 days after landing at base without instructions;

- 24 Mar 1941, again suspended for 7 days, this time for a "financial misdemeanour"

10 accidents, 6 of them his fault.

Initial assessment was "a rough pilot, works hard, but has had careless accidents; discipline not very good" but by 1941 he was "becoming a useful pilot", and in 1943 was assessed as "a sound pilot of average ability".

Off sick from 28 Mar to 25 Apr 1944 with "fatigue and hypertension", and then on 21 June he landed a Beaufort with its undercarriage retracted; when they examined the aircraft they found that he had mistakenly fired the fire extinguishers instead of the undercarriage emergency cartridges.

On 2 Sep 1944 his C.O. wrote that "F/O Wilson has been with ATA for a very long time and has moved a very great number of aircraft. It is my opinion that he is losing faith in himself as a pilot and is troubled with nerves. He has been off sick a lot recently and should be given a very careful check before he resumes flying."

 Contract Terminated 24 Sep 1944

d. Apr 1978 - London 

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