M.107 Flight Captain  Gareth Wyndham Hadrian Wallcousins 

flag UK

   b. 11 Nov 1903, New York,

but moved to the UK as an 11-month old

17 Jun 1940 to 6 Jun 1944 

  ata gareth wallcousins 1926 1926      


m. 1934 Dorothy M [Deller], 1 child

prev. an Artist; Flt-Lt, AAF Aug-26 to Aug-31, Flt-Lt in RAFO from Aug-31 to Aug-36;

Aircraft press advertising; air traffic control officer; assistant test pilot

Address in 1940: Seafield Drive, Ayr, Scotland

Address in 1942: c/o Mrs Deller, 5 The Maples, Upper Teddington Rd, Hampton Wick, Middx

Postings: 4FPP, 4aFPP, 16FPP, Marston Moor

12 Dec 1941 - Suspended for 1 day after going AWOL

"Carries out his duties as a Flight Leader in an efficient manner and is a very good all round officer."

He was involved in two recorded accidents:

- 7 October 1942, when he landed a Spitfire Vb wheels-up on the runway; he had forgotten to lower the undercarriage;

- 9 Feb 1943, when the engine of his Typhoon caught fire when starting, and a member of the ground crew was injured. 

He apparently had at least one other unreported accident and suffered concussion, and then, on the 22 Apr 1944, he had what was described as a 'fit' which later proved to be 'epileptiform in nature'.

On the 25 May 1944, ATA's Chief Medical Officer (Commander A Buchanan Balfour), recommended it was essential that Gareth permanently give up his flying duties. ATA considered offering him a non-flying job, but "in view of the difficulty which he seems to have found in making both ends meet on pilot's pay, it seems doubtful whether he wold accept a lower rate of pay for an administrative post."

They decided that, in view of the fact that Wallcousins was "an old ATA employee who has done us very well", they would offer him the option of resigning, working for BOAC, or undertaking training as an Operations Officer-cum-Adjutant. However, eventually his contract was terminated with 3 months' notice.

In 1949 Gareth became seriously ill with a brain tumour and died on the 10 Dec in Henley Hospital. His widow Dorothy, (having been left with two daughters), claimed compensation from the Ministry of Pensions, feeling that his death was due to the after-effects of his ATA service.

Commander Balfour agreed with her, but the claim was initially turned down. She carried on applying, but it took another 6 years for the Ministry to agree to give her a pension..

Afterwards Dorothy said "Perhaps I shall not get much - £2 or £2 10s a week." 

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