M.309 First Officer  William Franklin Cummings 

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 b. 22 Oct 1904, Lela, GA 19 Sep 1940 to Jun-41 



Address in 1940: Donalsonville, Georgia

Arrived in the UK on the 'Duchess of Atholl' 5 Oct 1940, with fellow pilots Roger Inman, Howard Mussey, Edward Vencill, Martin Wetzel and Constant Wilson.

Contract Terminated by ATA 27 Jun 1941 - Disciplinary Reasons

He  took over the guardianship of his neice, Sidney Ethel Cummings, after the death of his brother Peter Sidney Cummings and his wife, and gave her away at her wedding in 1955.

d. 3 Sep 1991 - Brinson, Decatur GA

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