M.165  Flight Captain  Donald Lee Annibal

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b. 7 Nov 1915, Stroh, IN  12 Oct 1940 to Jul-42 



A Commercial pilot - in June 1940 he made a 'perfect' forced landing on the riverbank of the Los Angeles River.

Address in 1940: c/o his father Lee H Annibal, 2482 Tyler Ave, Detroit, MI

Sailed to Liverpool to join the ATA, arriving 11 Nov 1940, with fellow American pilots Howard Alsop, Charles Smith, Francis Bender, Robert Gragg, Dan Jacques, Malcolm Stewart and Roy Wimmer.

Postings: 2FPP, 14FPP

m. Apr 1942 in Bristol, Glos, Patricia M [Harris], 1 child

"An excellent pilot. Discipline above reproach."

B 25 Mitchell

d. 23 Feb 1943 when a member of RAF Ferry Command, in Mitchell FR148 lost out of Gander

Commemorated at Runnymede

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