M.22 * Flight Captain  Ralph Harold 'Snagger' Henderson MBE

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  b. 15 Jan 1894, Loughborough Junction 8 Apr 1940 to 31 Dec 1945 

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prev. a motor and marine engineer

Address in 1934: 22 Clifford Ave, London SW14

Certificate of Commendation, 1940: "On the 7th October, 1940, FLt-Capt Henderson made a successful landing without damage in a Wellington aircraft in spite of the fact that the elevator control had broken off causing him partially to lose control, and that at the time the wind was strong and gusty"

From 1941 until Dec-42, Chief Test Pilot in ATA's Technical Department, responsible for producing many of the early 'Pilots Handling Notes'.

Certificate of Commendation, 1943: "On the 10th April, 1943, Flt-Capt Henderson was instructing on a Halifax aircraft. During the course of approach the up lock control handle of the undercarriage port leg broke off leaving the leg locked up. Flt-Capt Henderson thereafter displayed great initiative and ingenuity. With the only tool available - a crash axe - he chopped away the back of the rest bunk and made a hole through the fuselage wall, thereby laying bare the broken pull rod. The broken piece of the rod was then unscrewed from the tee handle by nipping it in the hinge of the armour-plate door. He then screwed the handle back on to the remaining threads of the pull rod and was enabled thereby to lower the undercarrige by the normal manually operated emergency system. The aircraft was then landed without damage, thereby saving a valuable aircraft and preventing possible injury to his crew."

He celebrated his fifty-first birthday (15 Jan 1945) by beginning the task of delivering a Spitfire from Hawkinge in Kent to the French Air Force Wing at Luxeil. "When the pilots arrived to collect them [12 Spitfires] the landscape was covered in snow, the temperature was well below zero and a biting east wind blew in heavy gusts." BG

 d. 15 Jul 1947 - Logrono, nr Bilbao, Spain, in an air crash.

"Hull Businessman die in Plane Crash

Mr Meyndert S. Kamphuys, managing director of British Cocoa Mills, Ltd, Hull, and his brother, Mr Henry S Kamphuys, were both killed when a plane in which they were flying to Africa on business crashed in the Lumbreras Mountains in Northern Spain. Also killed was the pilot, Ralph Harold Henderson, well known in London flying circles. The plane had been privately chartered." - Hull Daily Mail



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