M.--- * First Officer  Andrzej Miszewski DFC
 flag of poland b. 1912  9 Jan to 17 May 1941




Ed. Warsaw University of Technology, Mechanical Engineer.

"In the defensive war of 1939 he served in the air force. After the defeat, he gets through Romania, gets to France, and then to Great Britain, where (like his brother Jan, also a Sarmatian) he serves in the RAF, among others."

Awarded the Virtuti Militari Cross and the Cross of Valor four times. 



m. 1942 in Gainsborough, Lincs, Ewa Z [Runge]

"In 1948 he returned to Poland, where he was persecuted. From 1962 he lived in exile in South Africa."

d. c. 2006

* File not seen


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