M.--- * Pilot  Stanisław Antoni Reyman 
 flag poland  b. 13 Apr 1912, Wola Blisza, Poland 9 Jan to 8 May 1941 









301 Sqn, RAF Hemsworth, 1942 (Stanislaw 2nd from right)

Co-pilot of Wellington Z1379 which was shot down over the North Sea off the Belgian coast during a raid on Dortmund on 14/15 Apr 1942.

Of the 6 crew, 4 were killed; Stanislaw, who was injured, and one other were taken prisoner.

Stanislaw was repatriated 2 Feb 1945.

 m. 1946 in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Vera [Smith]

Naturalized in the UK, 1950

Address in 1950: 98 Belgrave Rd, London SW1


 d. 24 May 1983 - London

* File not seen


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