M.346 * First Officer  John McBride Victor Sillars 
 flag scotland  b. 7 Nov 1897, Brodick, Bute, Scotland 18 Feb 1941 to 30 Nov 1945 

   c.1918 (Ancestry)

  c.1920 (Ancestry)    


Father: John Sillars (a farmer, d. 1932), mother: Ellen Elizabeth [Denny], of West Mayish, Brodick, Arran, Scotland

 prev. RFC from 23 Jul 1917; RAF Lieut. 1 Apr 1918 - 16 Sep 1919 (107 Sqn, 18 Sqn, RAF Army of the Rhine); machinist

"He flew to France on 13th June, and shot down his first two enemy machines on 7th July after an exciting encounter at an altitude of 15,000 ft."

prev. exp. on DH6, BE2c, RE8

Address in 1939: 4 Iona Crescent, Slough

m. 1939 in Uxbridge, [Jones]

 Postings: 4FPP


One accident, not his fault:

- 29 Jul 1943, a forced landing in Defiant I T3957 at Speke, after a blocked filter caused a rise in oil temperature and a drop in pressure



Address in 1975: 1 Western Ave, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth

d. 12 Jan 1975 - Bournemouth


* File not seen


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