M.237 *  3rd Officer Ruby Dwight Garrett Jr 

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  b. 5 Jan 1916, Kansas City, MO 18 Mar 1941 to 2 Dec 1941 

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Father: Col. Ruby D Garrett Snr, [a lawyer, Kansas City Councilman and WWI veteran, d. 1968], Mother Alma M

Ed. University of Kansas City

m. 24 Dec 1940 Carolyn [Stockwell] in Jackson, MO

In 1939, "Although he has been swimming one mile a day in a local pool, Ruby D. Garrett Jr., son of a Kansas City councilman, has thirty-one pounds to lose yet before the air corps will accept him as a Randolph Field recruit. In two months, he has lost thirty-seven pounds, and now weighs 211 pounds."

"'I'll soon be getting down to bone" he said.

Address in 1940: Flying Cadet Detachment at Randolph Field, TX, then Parks Air College, St. Clair. IL

Postings: 6FPP

One accident:

21 Nov 1941, he overshot his landing on the only (short) runway available; the brakes were inefficient on wet ground, and he hit a barbed wire fence at the end of the runway.

 After ATA, sailed back to the USA on 19 Dec 1941 with fellow ATA pilots W Hanks, F P Skillen, P Lowman, J R Holloway, G C Shreve, S C Neville, G R Heintz, and Franklyn Rule Mershon.

A pilot for TWA from 1942.

In 1969, "At the not particularly advanced age of 53, Ruby Garrett tired of seeing the world from 30,000 feet or so — Paris, Rome, London, Hong Kong, Saigon, etc. And so he began hauling things (including boats) at zero altitude, over highways to meet people.

Ruby is a solidly built, balding, blue-eyed extrovert who has put in 27 years as a pilot with TWA, most recently as a captain on international flights. He presently is on medical leave from TWA and plans to retire next March."

d. 22 Dec 1990 - Clinton, van Buren, AK

[... and don't let anybody tell you that Ruby D Garrett was a woman ferry pilot!]

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