M.345  First Officer  Raymond O Hoover Jr
 flag usa b. 17 Feb 1917, Chambersburg, PA 

17 Feb 1941 to 3 Mar 1942

[379 days]





Educated at Chambersburg High School - a classmate of Bill Elliott (M.343):

wjelliott science club cashs 1934 1

Bill Elliott and Raymond Hoover in the Science Club, front row, in 1934


His parents ran a turkey farm.

prev. a Flight Instructor for Mahon Flying Service

Address in 1941: (Mother) Route 2, Chambersburg, PA

Postings: 1FPP, 6FPP

"An excellent pilot who gets through all the work given him quietly and efficiently."

After leaving the ATA, Raymond joined RAF Transport Command, "serving in the Caribbean."

m. Judith in Maryland in Feb 1948 (Divorced 1958).

1,500 of his family's turkeys were killed when a poultry barn was hit by lightning in 1959.

According to the above website, "Raymond Hoover apparently survived the war. His obituary tells us he served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for a little over a year piloting planes between Canada and England."

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