M.427  First Officer Joseph 'Stuart' Wiley Jr 
flag usa   b. 10 Jan 1913, Pine Bluff, AR 14 Apr 1941 to Dec-41 

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Address in 1941: 2287 Cove Rd., Merchantville NJ

Arkansas National Guard from 1932-35

a Commercial Pilot

"Extremely hard working and capable"

 He was one of three survivors of the 14 American ferry pilots sunk in the 'SS Nerissa'.

Curtiss P 40 Kittyhawk of the 14 Sqn RNZAF in flight

d. 10 Dec 1941 (Died in ATA Service) - Kittyhawk II AK575 left Speke at 16:15. Stuart "appeared not to be too familiar with the controls of the aircraft as he spent approximately 20 minutes in running up the engine and receiving advice from the delivery crew". When last seen he appeared to be "heading north with the aircraft properly under control", but he was never seen again. He was formally presumed dead 6 months later.

Margie Fairweather wrote: "We have had a tragedy already in no. 4b FPP. A charming American called Wiley who was posted to us left Speke on Wednesday afternoon & has not been heard of since. It is strange (or perhaps just a matter of psychology) how it always seems to be the nice ones that go and the toughs who remain."

ata mildred to jospeh wiley "To Stuart, Happy Memories of June 1941. Mildred"

[His fiancee's name was Marion Wilson and she lived in Little Rock ...]


Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial:

 Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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