M.520  First Officer  Norman Brock Ewing

flag scotland

 b. 13 Apr 1904, Glasgow   4 Jun 1941 to 31 Oct 1945

 ata norman ewing 19371937

 ata norman ewing ATA    


Father: John Mitchell Ewing

Ed. Hutcheson Boys School

Next of kin: (Sister) Miss Nora Ewing

prev. a Garage Proprietor (Torrance Garage, East Kilbride, Glasgow)

prev. exp. 142 hrs on DH Moth Minor, Gipsy III, Tiger Moth, Hornet Moth, Leopard Moth, Moth Major

Home Address in 1941: St. Helier, Norwood Drive, Whitecraigs, Giffnock, Renfreshire

Postings: 4FPP, 4aFPP, 4bFPP, 10FPP, 3FPP

"A dependable pilot of average ability and a willing worker."


King's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air

d. 1973, Suva, Fiji

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