M.630  First Officer Patrick Ffrench 
 flag england   b. 2 Mar 1907, London  6 Aug 1941 to 30 Nov 1945

 ata patrick ffrench 1938 1938



Father Nicholas George Ffrench

Ed. Surbiton Grammar School. Cert. AIB (Banking)

m. 1930 Esther [Jones], 1 son John b. 1935

prev. a Bank Cashier, then Home Guard private Jul-40 to Aug-41

Address in 1941: "Chelsey", Weston Green Rd, Thames Ditton

Postings: 5FPP, 16FPP, RNAS Arbroath (Jun-Jul 1943), 1FPP, 9FPP, 2FPP, 7FPP, 3FPP

He had a spectacular accident on 31 May 1943; his Hudson III "swung first to port and violently to starboard during take-off and just after leaving ground, port wing dropped. The aircraft cartwheeled and was destroyed." He was held to blame but, luckily, uninjured.

 "A well-behaved, smart and conscientious officer and a safe, average pilot. Had very little experience prior to joining ATA and is rather retiring and a trifle under-confident."

"A keen and hard-working pilot. He has made good progress throughout"

d. Apr 2003 - Surrey


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