M.262 * First Officer  Jacques Andre Hollande 
 flag france   22 Mar 1941 to 15 Aug 1945 




"Typical of the adventures experienced by some of the foreign pilots prior to their ultimate deployment with ATA were those of Jacques Hollande. This Paris timber exporter was unmolested by the Germans for three months after the Occupation, but then decided to escape from France. He went to Vichy and, after calling daily for weeks at the passport office and producing letter after letter from Government officials to the effect that he was unable to carry on his business without keeping in touch with his Morocco agents, he at last obtained an exit permit, and travelled from Port Vendres to Oran by the mail boat. From here he made his way to Rabat and claimed that he had business at the international port of Tangier.

For days he pestered the authorities to obtain from them the necessary visa to pass him through the Spanish zone, and in the end prevailed upon an official to place his papers among those to be signed by the Control Officer on the latter's return from dinner one evening.The meal must have been a satisfactory one as the documents were signed withour comment and he got to Tangier.

Here he met an official in the British Consulate, with a view to being allowed to join the Free French forces in England. In the end he obtained a passage to Gibraltar, and from there, under the protection of Britain, eventually arrived at Liverpool. Within a day or two he heard for the first time of the ATA and, remembering that he had a hundred or so flying hours behind him, came to White Waltham. Here he had a flight test, was accepted, and at the age of 42 commenced his new career as a ferry pilot.

Four years later he ferried one of the fiirst Ansons from White Waltham to Paris, and has since been able to resume his life in his native country." Brief Glory

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