W.78  3rd Officer Virginia Louise Garst 
 flag usa  b. 28 Nov 1918, New York  14 Apr-42 to 24 Nov-42

 ata virginia garst CB CB



Father: Frederick Raymond Garst, mother Bessie Jean [Unk]

Next of Kin: Mrs E A Reedy, Kansas City (mother)

Ed: St Mary's Academy, Leavenworth, Kansas City, then Sarachon-Hooley Secretarial School 1936-7

Learnt to fly at Joe Jacobson Flying School, Kansas City

prev. Flight Instructor

prev exp: 513 hrs (186 hrs  as instructor)

Address in 1942: 3344 Gillham Rd, Kansas City MI, then 307 Natchez Building, New Orleans, LA

Four women from the Kansas City Chapter of the 99s Organisation of Women Fliers applied to join the ATA - Virginia, Mrs Marie Page, 38, Leah Sheppard, 31, and Mrs Helen Hayworth, 39.

Travelled to Bristol from Halifax, NS on the SS Tetela with Sue Ford, Grace Stevenson and Hazel Raines, arriving 11 May 1942.

Off sick from 13 Aug to 31 Oct 1942 with appendicitis, and then from 8 to 22 Nov with the "after-effects" - her medical report says "it was noted that this pilot's entire attitude to flying had changed, so much so that I hesitate to recommend the continuance of her service."

Contract Terminated  - Medical Grounds

m. Walter V Bottjer

Moved to Texas c.1959

d. 19 Dec 1968 - El Paso, TX [Mastosis Carcinoma]



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