W.80 First Officer  Betty Ellice Black 
 flag nz  b. 1 Sep 1913, Dunedin NZ 15 Apr-42 to 30 Aug-45 

 betty black 1943 NZ Herald 1943

 ata betty black   ATAM  


 Father: George Black (NZ Superintendent of Dalgety & Co, d. 1937)

Ed. St Hilda's Collegiate School, Dunedin

prev. exp: 129 hrs 50min, on DH 60, DH82, DH94, Miles Hawk, Magister, Whitney Straight, BA Swallow, Percival Vega Gull, Avro Avian in New Zealand and Australia

Next of Kin: (Aunt) Mrs Owen Gould, Hampton, Otago NZ

prev. Equipment Assistant, RNZAF, 21 Apr to 24 Nov 1941

Address in 1942: c/o New Zealand House, 415 The Strand, London

She arrived in the UK from Aukland on the 19 Feb 1942, quoting her address as c/o Dalgety & Co., Leadenhalll St, London

Postings: 1FPP, 15FPP, 12FPP, 6FPP

7 accidents, only 1 her fault:

- 19 Jun 1942, in a Hart; her approach was too slow and she made a heavy landing, damaging the engine mountings;

- 2 Mar 1943, she landed her Hurricane and hit an unmarked dip, causing the undercarriage leg to collapse;

- 18 Sep 1943, the cockpit cover of her Spitfire broke away during flight;

- 11 Mar 1944, another landing accident, this time in a Typhoon when the tail wheel retracted due to a hydraulic fault;

- 27 Sep 1944, when the starboard undercarriage collapsed in an Argus; this time a sunken drainage gulley was to blame, and

- 12 Feb 1945, her fourth undercarrriage landing-run collapse, this time the port wheel of a Beaufighter, and

- 11 Apr 1945, a precautionary frced landing in a Beaufighter when the port engine lost revs.

"A cheerful, hardworking pilot" "A good ferry pilot; always ready for any job allotted to her".

m. Feb 1946 Christopher Dalton Beaumont in Thornbury, Gloucestershire

d. 9 Jul 1977 - Nelson, NZ 

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