W.84 First Officer   Margaret Elizabeth 'Peggy' Lennox
 flag usa  b. 24 Jan 1906, Chicago 10 Jun-42 to 30 Nov-45 

 ata peggy lennox CB CB

 ata peggy lennox 1943 1943    


Father: William James Lennox (b. 1876 in Canada), Mother Grace 'Annie' [Arnold]

Ed. Lakewood High, Cleveland School of Art, Western Reserve University, New School for Social Research

prev: Art teacher, Model, Secretary, Flight Instructor in the CAA Flight Training Program at Providence RI, and Dallas, TX

m. 5 Jan 1933 in John Albertsen [a "horseman", b. Denmark] in Ripley, Chautauqua County, NY [divorced]

Address in 1942: 301 37th St, St Petersburg, FL

Peggy featured in this advertisement for Camel cigarettes in 1942, which appeared in literally hundreds of different newspapers throughout the USA:

ata peggy lennox camels advert

"Don't Let those eyes and that smile fool you. When this young lady starts talking airplanes, brother, you'd listen .. Yes, and with Instructor Peggy Lennox, it's strictly Camels, too - the flier's favorite. "Mildness is a rule with me", she explains,"That means Camels. There's less nicotine in the smoke" **

One of her students said "Miss Lennox is always patient, never gets sore, but boy, is she exacting! Every manoeuver has to be done just right before you learn anything else."

 Arrived from Nova Scotia on the 29 June 1942 with fellow ATA women pilots Una Goodwin and Mary Zerbel

After her time in the ATA, she sailed back to New York on the 'Queen Elizabeth' on 2 Dec 1945, with Roberta (and one-year old Guy) Leveaux, James MacCallum, Ann Wood and Gilman 'Ben' Warne.

Post-WWII, Peggy won the Montreal to Miami All-women Air Race in 1949, then in 1951 she finished first in the 986-mile All-Women International Air Race from Orlando, Florida, to Windsor, Ontario.

ata peggy lennox 1951 Peggy in 1951, after finishing first

m. George B Firkal (a musician, divorced 1957)

m. Dec 1961 Wallace Jutten Drown in Duval, FL

Recipient of the Silver Wings Award in 1979, celebrating her 50 years of flying and "helping to break sex discrimination barriers for pilots and instructors"

Later owned apartments and stores in Fort Lauderdale, FL., and was known to fly prospective clients for a bird's eye view of the land.  "I stay with flying because once you get it in your blood, you're never the same", she said.

 d. Jun 1985 - Fort Lauderdale

** Please don't take this as an encouragement to smoke Camels, or any other Camelidae (e.g. llamas, alpacas, vicuñas, or guanacos.).



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