W.---  Cadet  Una Julia Goodwin
 flag usa   b. 24 Dec 1902, Virgie AR 10 Jun-42 to 2 Sep-42 

 ata una goodwin CB CB



Father: John Porter Godwin, from Cordell OK

ed. 4 yrs High School, 2 yrs Dramatic Art at Dallas Academy

Learnt to fly in 1929 in Oklahoma; "I am confident my future is in aviation and am willing to give up almost anything to get ahead in it", she said.

prev: clerk; secretary of the Oklahoma section of the 99 Club of women pilots launched in 1929 by Amelia Earhart; barnstorming and aerobatics displays

2nd woman in Oklahoma to get a transport pilot rating, in 1937

prev. exp 380hrs

 Next of kin: (sister) Mrs Marcia O Mills, 216 Congress Ave, San Antonio TX

Address in 1940: 3350 16th SNW, Washington DC (previously 1929-1941, 902 E Dr, Oklahoma City)

Arrived from Nova Scotia on the 29 June 1942 with fellow ATA women pilots Peggy Lennox and Mary Zerbel; on joining the ATA, Una said she was anxious to rejoin her friend, Grace Stevenson.

One accident:

27 Aug 1942, when her foot slipped off the rudder when landing a Hart, causing a ground loop

[Contract Terminated by ATA - unlikely to become an efficient ferry pilot]

Returned to the USA to find that she was over the age limit for WASP training, and so joined the Womens Army Corps in April 1944 as a Private and was stationed in Florida as a Link Trainer, until being demobbed in Sep 1945.

ata una goodwin 1944             ata una goodwin 1944 2

In 1944 she said "Personally I have no post-war plans for flying. I'll fly for entertainment, but like many other trained women pilots, I'll take a back seat in the paying flying positions to make way for the men."

 Moved to San Antonio in 1976

ata una goodwin grave Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

d. 4 Mar 1978 - San Antonio, Texas



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