W.89 *  First Officer  Nancy Jane Miller
 flag usa  b. 12 Jun 1919   9 Jul-42 to Jul-45

 ata nancy miller  CB



Father: Dr. Ray Oakley Miller, mother Laura C [Crump]

Parents' address: 715 South Serrado, Los Angeles

 ata nancy miller 1937 Nancy's 1937 school photo

 Studied psychology at Occidental College and UC Berkeley

She sailed from Montreal to join the ATA on the 30 Jul 1942 with Opal Anderson. [They sailed on the 'Winnipeg II', which was torpedoed and sunk on its return trip.]

Sailed to the US in September 1944 on the 'Queen Elizabeth' with fellow American ATA pilots Ernest Ewing, Keith Williams, and Harry Smith. She then flew back as a supernumary pilot in Liberator KH303, 26-29 Oct 1944. She says she "wedged up against the door between the cabin and the bomb-bay, as the dinghies took up the rest of the room."  Even though they flew back via Bermuda and the Azores, her experience of the flight itself was being very cold, cramped and uncomfortable,

She later recalled that, in Britain "You could fly the same route for a year before you could put the map away. At Luton, you could get lost just circling the airfield"

After ATA, sailed back to the US via Nova Scotia on the 18 Aug 1945 with Edith Foltz Stearns, and Louise Shuurman. 

In 1947 she become the world’s fourth licensed woman helicopter pilot.

m.1956 J Arlo Livingston; they moved to Juneau, Alaska in 1960 and ran a helicopter service, Livingston Copters Ltd. until 1976. 

ata nancy livingston 1965 2 Nancy in the early 60s in Alaska

Arlo died in 1986.

m.1991 Milton Stratford (d. 2008)

 Wrote 'Contact! Britain!' in 2010

ata nancy livingston stratford 2014  in 2014 - San Diego Union-Tribune

ata nancy jane livingston stratford 100 12 June 2019 (Dot Wilson)

"I loved all the flying, the freedom, doing what I liked to do. It was wild and woolly at times. I was a lucky person in my career. I smile. I have absolutely no regrets.”


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