W.91  First Officer

 Mrs Joan Mary Allen 

 flag UK b. 4 Dec 1914, Shillong India   15 Jul 1942 to 30 Sep 1945

 ata joan allen ATA


 née Stapledon

Father: Gerald Stapledon ("of Calcutta, fourth son of William Stapledon of Lakenham, Northam, N. Devon", d. 1944), mother Eleanor Maud [Halliday], ("eldest daughter of Lt-Col S C Halliday, late R.A.") of Upton, Hartley Wintney, Hants

Ed. Rosemead, Littlehampton

prev exp: 34 hrs 30min on DH Moth, Hornet Moth, Magister, Whitney Straight in Malaya ('A' Licence No 76 gained in the Straits Settlements)

Sailed from Calcutta to London aged 4, with her mother and younger sister Maud Winifred in 1919, to Singapore in September 1935 and back from Bombay to Plymouth in Apr 1936.

m. Flt-Lt John Anthony Allen (d. 16 May 1941 in Singapore, in a training accident). Their son Christopher John was born 13 Jun 1941, but died aged 10 months in Cape Town, en route from Singapore.


Two accidents, both her fault:

- 2 Apr 1943, taxying her Auster III MZ186 without sufficient care, the propeller struck a marker flag

- 22 May 1944, the tail wheel of her Beaufighter broke off after a heavy landing

 m. Lt-Cmdr Keith Marshall (a daughter, Geraldine Mary b. 1958, d. 1979)

d. 7 May 1994 - Yelverton, Devon

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