W.102  3rd Officer Mrs Joy Dorothy Lilian 'Jane' Davies 
 flag england  b. 12 Feb 1916, Cambridge  16 Sep-42 to Mar-43

 joy pond 1938  RAeC 1938


joy davey ATA ATA



Not in 'Forgotten Pilots' or 'Brief Glory'

née Pond

Father: Henry William Pond, mother Dorothy Rosie [Piggott]

Ed. County Girls School, Cambridge

prev: Secretarial/Clerical, Marshalls of Cambridge

prev exp: 11hrs 10min on DH Moths

m. 1940 RAF F/O (pilot instructor) Renford Percy Davey [widowed -  Renford d. 9 May 1941, shot down by an intruder at Sibson, Leics during a night training flight]


m. Apr 1942 in Swindon,

  RAeC 1938

Derrick Stephen 'Steve' Davies (b. 6 Feb 1907, a solicitor)( 2 daughters and a son John Anthony Renford Davies)

exp in ATA:

Magister: 100hrs 40min;

Hart: 11hrs 50min;

Fairchild: 14hrs 05min;

Tutor: 1 hr.

[Resigned 11 Mar-43]

Her daughter tells me: "Incidentally the reason she resigned  in 1943 was because she became pregnant - with me"

The family moved to Egypt in 1947, and to Kenya in 1953

d. Dec 2008



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