First Officer  Earle Donovan Nicol
   + flag UK b. 13 Aug 1915, Mahama, Ceylon  12 Aug 1942 to  31 Dec 1945

 ata earle nicol 1937 1937


Ed: St. Thomas' College, Ceylon

Arrived 13 Nov 1936 in the UK from Australia

ATA Earle Nicol RAeC Certificate 1937

Address in 1942: 70 Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge

 m. 1941 Doreen A [Warwick] in Cambridge

 prev. RAF Sgt, Jan 1940 to Apr 1942: 601 (City of London), 65 Squadrons

prev. exp. 311 hrs on Tiger Moth, Hart, Audax, Master, Hurricane, Spitfire

Postings: 1FPP, 16FPP, 3FPP, 6FPP

Suspended, reprimanded and grounded:

- Suspended for 1 day in Jul 1943 for 'breach of flying discipline'

- Aug 1944, Reprimanded for failure to report to 3FPP on the correct date, and

-  Grounded for 3 days also in Aug 1944 for 'misuse of home to duty petrol'

 2 accidents, one his fault:

- 17 Apr 1943, his Spitfire overran due to brake and flap malfunction

- 15 Apr 1944, when his Barracuda sank back to the ground on take-off, due to the fact that he had neglected to put the elevator trimmer in the correct position.

"He flies well but is inclined to be a little 'smart' about it."

"Has carried out all his duties as a ferry pilot satisfactorily but requires constant supervision in regards to discipline"

"Any further breach of flying or general discipline on the part of this officer is to be referred to the Commanding Officer for 'disposal'" [whatever that means!]

His wife Doreen lived with him in Cambridge until 1946, but they appear to have separated before 1947.

He then moved to Chelsea, and married again in 1969.

d,. 2003 - London

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