3rd Officer

[Seconded from RAF] 

Basil Frederick Wrightson
 flag england b. 13 Feb 1922, Grimsby  16 Oct 1943 to 13 Feb 1945 



Basil's ATA  Identity Tag - He was a Methodist, hence the 'METH'


Father: George Heath Wrightson (d. 28 Jul 1941). Mother: Laura [Tiede]

Ed. Barton on Humber Grammar School; St Johns College Yorks

prev. RAF Jan 1942 - Oct 1943

prev. exp. none [ab initio pilot cadet]

Address in 1943: 78 Blundell Ave, Cleethorpes, Lincs.

Postings: 5TFPP, 1FPP, 6FPP, 4FPP

"He has made very steady and regular progress and has proved to be a thoroughly reliable and likeable officer."


d. 13 Feb 1945 in Spitfire XVI TB329, which crashed in a field at high speed, at Opbrakel, Belgium on a ferry flight from 84 GSU, Lasham to Reception Flight B60, Belgium.

"The pilot appears to be to blame for the accident, having persisted too far in bad weather. The conditions at the time of the acident being 100yds visibility with cloud on the ground"


Buried Ronse [Renaix], Belgium


"Treasured Memories of a dear son and brother. A staunch and loyal friend"


His personal effects contained "a number of wireless parts, technical publications etc, some of which belong to S/O J E Ball, [John Edward Ball, a Canadian pilot, q.v.] with whom he shared a workshop for the purpose of constructing wireless sets."


"Dear Captain Mead,

My daughter and I are stunned by the tragic news regarding my son. He was such a fine lad and a good son & was loved by all who knew him."


"I hope you are right in your conviction that my son did not suffer in any way and I wish I could feel the same... The strain of it all is beginning to tell and I am going to have great difficulty to bear my loss.

Thank you very much for your kindness

Yours Sincerely

Laura Wrightson"


 The ATA paid Laura £2,000 insurance on 30 Mar 1945.

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