W.167 3rd Officer  Eleanor 'Betty' Keith-Jopp 
 flag england b. 1 Apr 1920, Bristol  8 May 1944 to 17 Aug 1945 

 eleanor keith jopp ATA  ATA


The Final 7 Women Pilots - Betty Keith-Jopp (W.167), Sue Alexander (W.163), Joan Arthur (W.166),Ruth Russell (W.165), Annette Mahon (W.164), Aimee de Neve (W.168), Katharine Stanley Smith (W.162)



Father: Maj. Charles Henry Keith-Jopp MA, ICS (Indian Civil Service) (d. 21 Oct 1939); Mother:  [Evans]

Neice of William Stewart Keith-Jopp, also of the ATA.

Had a brother, Stewart.

Her father Charles was "a brilliant man and a scholar of Winchester and New College, Oxford, and a Boden Sanskrit Scholar. For many years he was a lecturer at Oxford University"

Ed. Royal School for Daughters of Officers of the Army

prev: secretary for BOAC; WAAF

Address in 1944: 4 Rodney Cottages, Clifton, Bristol 8 (Mother's address)

Ab initio pilot

Postings: 4FPP

2 accidents: 1 her fault:

- 29 May 1945; delivering Barracuda MX792, she "persisted too far in bad weather, found herself in cloud, and in turning, lost height. The aircraft struck the sea [between Anstruther Point and the Isle of May] and was lost, but the pilot was rescued."

["She saw the water a second before hitting it, did a good landing ‘all things considered’, but the aircraft started to sink until it settled on the sea bed. When Betty pulled the canopy release lever a giant bubble of air was released – but she had not released her parachute and harness straps.  When she did, ‘it took forever to get to the top.’  It was her lucky day and a little fishing boat chugged past and pulled her out of the water. " - ATA Museum

- 11 Jul 1945, her Argus FK338 was 'blown onto its nose' by one of the Liberators which were running up nearby at the same time. [Airfield Control got the blame].

m. 27 Mar 1948 in Bristol, Maj. Peter Stuart Huggett [ex Royal Artillery] and they lived at 26 Brunswick Sq., Gloucester 

Betty and one-year-old daughter Caroline sailed to South Africa in September 1953 and the family settled in Southern Rhodesia (where Peter was an Insurance Manager - and a member of the Rhodesia (Fire Insurance) Advisory Committee !) then South Africa. A second daughter, Eleanor, was born in 1955.

 d. 5 Jul 2016 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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