W.--- Cadet  Rita Mary 'Ray' Neve 
 flag england b. 1 Jun 1920, Lambeth, London  8 May 1944 to 17 Jun 1944 




Father: S Neve, Mother: [Atherfold] of 54 Lexham Gardens, London W8

Ed. Tunbridge Wells County School

prev: Secretary; WAAF

She "acted as clerk to the Housing and Health Committee, the Lighting Committee and the Waterworks Committee" in Tunbridge Wells.



Her many friends In Tunbridge Wells will be interested to learn that Rita Neve, late of the Town Hall staff, has, after nearly three years in the Service, been transferred from the WAAF to the Air Transport Auxiliary.

In October, 1941, she trained at Cranwell and passing out as L.A.C.W. teleprinter operator was posted to a Bomber Command Station. After some months’ duty there, she went to the West of England for a wireless operator’s course, and subsequently to Northern Ireland, where she worked in this capacity under Coastal Command.

From Ireland she volunteered for a wireless mechanic's course, and, after completing this, was sent to a station in Training Command. Having previously applied for entry in the A.T.A., she recently passed the necessary testa and is now undergoing training aa Ferry Pilot.

During this somewhat varied career she also satisfactorily passed the Air Ministry Board as candidate for a Signals Commission, but time did not permit her to proceed with this.

We are sure that her friends will wish her good luck her new venture." Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 12 May 1944

[ab initio]

[Contract Terminated by ATA]

 Assistant 2nd Officer, WAAF Administrative and Special Duties Branch, from 22 Aug 1945

"A candidate for Hanwell South Ward In the Ealing Town Council elections next week is 28-year-old Miss Rita Mary Neve, a former pupil at the County School, who was on the Town Clerk’s staff before she Joined the W.A.A.F. during the war. She Is now employed by firm of scientific consultants In London. Keenly interested In politics and local government, she is chairman of the Hanwell South Young Conservatives." Kent & Sussex Courier - Friday 06 May 1949


Address in 1963: 10 Church Rd, Ealing, Southall

 d. 22 Mar 1999 - Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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