3rd Officer 

Feliks Pecho 
 flag of poland   b. 30 Aug 1900, Zyrnow, Poland 28 Aug 1944 to 30 Sep 1945 

 ata feliks pecho c1930 c. 1930


ata feliks pecho ATA    


Ed. Technical School

One of 6 former pilots of (Polish airline) LOT who joined the ATA - see also Leonard Satel, Klemens Dlugaszewski (Joined 1940), Mieczyslaw Witkowski, Ludwik Tokarczyk (M.1006, Joined 1943), and Antoni Switalski..

Next of kin (son) Lech Pecho, 1 Hrubieszowska Str, Warsaw

prev. Finnish Air Force, Polish Air Force, RAF 21 Dec 1942 - 1 Jul 1944 (Flt-Sgt)

[Having fled Poland in September 1939, he was one of 5 Polish pilots who joined the Finnish Air Force in early 1940, stationed in Luonetj√§rvi and flying transport aircraft.]


prev. exp. 7,500 hrs

m., 1 son

Address in 1944: c/o 1680 Flight RAF Transport Command, Abbotsinch 

 Postings: 5FPP, 16FPP, 3FPP

2 accidents, 1 his fault:

- 7 Jan 1945, his Proctor II nosed over when turning off the runway and was caught in an unexpected gust of wind;

- 13 Aug 1945, in a Seafire XV, he overshot on landing and it turned onto its back.

"This Polish pilot came to ATA with over 7,000 hrs experience, much of it in Poland, and on such types as Junkers 52, Lockheed 14, etc. In spite of the language difficulty, which made instruction rather slower than usual, Pecho has worked exceptionally well, and proved himself a most reliable, hardworking and trustworthy officer."

 m. 1947 in Fylde, Lancs, Jenny Nuttall

Resident in Toronto, Canada from 1949; Felix Pecho, a decorator. 



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