M.124 Flight Captain  The Hon. George Edward Dutton 

flag scotland

flag england

b. 23 Sep 1912, Beauly  2 Jul 1940 to Dec-45 


ata george dutton 1929

A student in 1929

 ata george dutton ATA  ata george dutton MAMM MAMM  


 * King's Commendation for valuable service in the air


Charles' brother (see below)

Next of kin: Father, Lt-Col James Huntly Sherborne, 6th Baron Sherborne, Sherborne Park, Cheltenham, Glos.

Ed. at Stowe

prev. Foreign Office (Communications) Aug-39 to Jul-40

prev. exp. 250 hrs

Postings: 1FPP, 2FPP, 15FPP

"A pilot of exceptional ability, and a successful Flight Captain, inasmuch as his high qualities as a pilot set a good example to others. His quiet disposition and lack of natural aptitude for leadership prevent him from being an outstanding Flight Captain as well as an outstanding pilot."

m. Joan Doreen East 1945;  Pauline Stewart Robinson 1959

d. 21 July 1981, Hereford 

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