• Brock, Miriam (Miss)

     [Non-flying staff]  Supervisor, Purchase Ledger Section  Miriam Brock
     flag england  b. 25 Nov 1915, Epsom Surrey  23 Mar-42 - 14 Sep-46


    miriam brock ata




    d. 2001

  • Crownshaw, Doris May

     [Non-flying staff]  Shorthand Typist Mrs Doris May Crownshaw 
     flag england b. 5 Aug 1910, Hampshire  12 Jan-43 to Dec-45 


    doris crownshaw ata RAFM



    d. Apr 2005
  • Farquharson, Joan Ursula Newnham

     [Non-flying staff]  Driver Mrs Joan Ursula Newnham 'Jill' Farquharson 
     flag england b. 28 May 1915, Newquay Cornwall   28 Feb 1944 to 30 Sep 1945

     joan farquharson 1946  RAeC 1946



    née Rees

    Father: Harry Newnham Rees

     Ed. Thelema College, Newquay and Stoke House, Bristol 


    m. 1940 George Evelyn Farquharson, b. 1913 in Ceylon; RAF

     prev: (1937-38) Chaufeusse; (1941-43) Timekeeper, Air Training Ltd.

    Address in 1944: Wraycroft, Shere, Surrey

    Postings: 8FPP, 9FPP, 15FPP

    'A very able M.T. Driver'

     d. 12 Jun 2017, Gloucester


    Her obituary here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5174393/Spitfire-pilot-one-Ata-girls-dies-aged-102.html

    ... is sadly 'fact-free' as regards her ATA career...

      Download ATA Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

  • Farrer, Katherine (Mrs)


    Hon. Mrs Katherine 'Kitty' Farrer 

    nee Runciman; Lady Lyell

    flag england

    flag scotland

    b. 4 Dec 1909, Doxford Northumberland   Sep-1940 to Aug-44

     kitty farrer 1920s c. 1930      


    Sister of ATA Pilot Margaret Fairweather; Kitty was seriously injured in the crash in which Margaret died.

    d. 19 July 1998

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey


  • Ferguson, Kathleen (Mrs)

       Secretary to Chief Training Officer  Kathleen Ferguson

    flag NI

    flag england

    b. 14 Jan 1903, Belfast  3 Feb-41 to Sep-45 


    kathleen ferguson ata 




    ['Irish' is crossed out on application']


  • Gearle, Lilian Mary (Mrs)

     [Non-flying Staff]  Secretary  Mrs Lilian Mary Gearle
     flag england b. 9 Apr 1901, Slough Bucks   11 Jul-41 to 3 Aug-41


    lilian gearle ata




    [Contract Terminated by ATA]
  • Gill, Olive Marie

     [Non-flying staff]  Filing Clerk Olive Marie Gill 
     flag england b. 23 Oct 1902, London  10 Feb-44 

     olive gill ata



    B.A. (Hons) Oxon

     [St Hilda's College, Oxford]

  • Gribble, William John

     M.  Captain William John Gribble 

    flag england

     b. 3 Feb 1905, Cowfold, Sussex  1 Jan 1940 to 31 Apr 1945 

      ata william gribble 1945      


    prev. LAC in RAF 1923 - 1929, including 2 years in Iraq

    m. 1933 Cecilia Edith Mary [Gyatt]

    In 1936, an aero engineer for Lockheed

    Mary du Bunsen refers to him in Mount up with Wings: "Our instructor, a man called Gribble, was great fun and taught well but he had a sharp tongue. Luckily it was a man he picked on as a target for his witticisms, a little man with an enormous handlebar moustache, [presumably Victor Baxter-Jones, who joined two weeks before Mary] who apologised to the class, quite unnecessarily, for having let Gribble get him in such a lather that he didn't know what ten per cent of a hundred was."...

    "But the women did not escape unscathed, though we had our little triumphs. one day he handed the class an awkward calculation about fuel consumption, saying 'This is where the women usually break down', and I produced a slide-rule, which I had been storing up for some such moment, and got it right first go."

    Address in 1945: 24 Boyn Hill, Maidenhead



  • Ismay, Joan Isobel

     [Non-flying staff] Accounts Clerk  Joan Isobel Ismay 
     flag england  b. 21 Jan 1924, Wallsend Northumberland 7 Jun-43 


    joan ismay ata 




     Starting Salary: £3.0.0 a week

    d. 1994

  • James, Geraldine Mildred (Miss)

     [Non-flying staff] Clerk  Geraldine Mildred James 
     flag UK b. 28 Sep 1922, Chile  30 Jun 1941 to 31 Oct 1945


    geraldine james ata


  • King, Alison Elsie (Miss)

       Flight Captain - Operations Officer Alison Elsie King OBE

    flag england

    b. 20 Aug 1913, London  9 Dec 1940 to 30 Jun 1`945

     ATA Alison King RAFM      


    Her book ('Golden Wings', 1956) tells us that she was "a member of the Civil Air Guard (CAG) who joined ATA in 1940 as a 'sub-sub-adjutant'. 

    She became the first woman Operations Officer, dealing with the daily movement of ferried aircraft. In October 1941 she was with those who took over Hamble Ferry Pool - the first time women were allowed to fly everything that was needed of them [sic]

    After the war she joined BOAC, then, deciding to 'give it all up', lived in a cottage in a remote Suffolk village. Not long after, however, she was back in London, and in 1953 became Director of the Women's Junior Air Corps. In 1956 she was also appointed Chairman of the recently formed British Women Pilots' Association."

    d. 1992

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

    Interviewd here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80009030


  • Longmore, Evelyn Blanche

     [Non-flying staff]

    3rd Officer (Senior Driver)

     Evelyn Blanche Longmore
     flag england b. 22 Feb 1913, Southampton  13 Sep-42 to Sep-45 


    eve longmore 1931 

    RAeC 1931



    Also had Gliding Licences AB&C

    prev: Officer I/C Ambulance Section


  • Lowen, Nancy Doreen (Mrs)

     [Non-flying staff] Stenographer   Mrs Nancy Doreen Lowen
     flag wales   b. 24 Jan 1907, Cardiff 28 Jul-42 to Oct-43 

     nancy lowen ata 




     née Thomas

    m. Edward C J Lowen, separated 1940/41 due to him having many affairs with other women. At the time of Nancy joining ATA in 1942 he was not paying the rent for her home.

    "Very fast shorthand and typing... but very careless"

    "She became a stenographer for ATA but with pressure of rent not being paid, and being from a working class background ATA would not advance her any money towards keeping a roof over her head, and her work suffered.
    She was dismissed from ATA - family believe she then worked at Bletchley Park.
    In February 1949 she took her own life in Brighton."
    Biographical details from Andrew Bird
  • Martin-Kaye, Raymonde Mary (Miss)

     [Non-Flying Staff]  Secretary to C.A. Raymonde Mary Martin-Kaye 
     flag england  b. 13 Jan 1918, London 5 Jan-42 to 17 Aug-46 


    raymonde martin-kaye ata 





    Starting Salary: £3.10.0 a week

    Heavily involved in the final wind-up of the ATA in 1945/6

    Mrs Spargo from 1950

    d. 1991

  • Stapleton-Bretherton, Mary Henrietta (Miss)


    Mary 'Henrietta' or 'Hetty' Stapleton-Bretherton

    flag england

    b. 12 Jul 1906

    Dec-39 to Mar-1941


    ATA Henrietta Bretherton Stapleton ELC  ATA Henrietta Bretherton Stapleton 21940  


    Mrs Archer-Shee from 1940 - 1953

    d. 1995

  • Sworder, Carol (Miss)

       Shorthand Typist

    Carol Sworder

    Mrs Bickerton

    flag england b. 22 Nov 1922, Enfield  28 Mar-41 to 1945 

    carol sworder ata ATA

    carol sworder ata2    


    Father: Lieut-Cdr Kenneth Faviell Sworder RN, DSO

    [Roedean alumna]

    I/C General Office, No 5(T) FPP

  • Vickery, Kathleen Mary (Miss) (Mrs Kershaw)

     [Non-flying Staff]

    2nd Officer (Nursing Sister)

     Kathleen Mary Vickery
     flag england b. 13 Jun 1912, Wellington, Somerset  19 Oct-42 to Apr-44 


    kathleen vickery 1942 




    Mrs Kershaw from Jan 1944

    d. 3 Apr 1944 (Died in ATA Service) - with Douglas Fairweather (q.v.)


    Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial:

     Download ATA Pilot Personal Record (.zip file):download grey

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