W.93  First Officer  Mrs Patricia Gladys Beverley
 flag england  b. 22 Aug 1910, Egham Surrey  29 Jul 1942 to 31 Oct 1945

 patricia beverley 1945  ATA



 nee Seemann

Father: Norman Charles Seemann, mother Beatrice Maud [Grey, d. 1926]

m. 1931 in Barnet, Robert Lewis Beverley, (original surname Baker, based in S. Rhodesia in 1942)

Her brother, Norman Walter Keith Seeman, was killed age 25 in a car accident in 1934. Patricia was injured in the same accident and was "carried into court", which decided that former racing driver William Berkeley Scott was responsible for the accident due to "careless, reckless and dangerous driving."

 Address in 1942: Stone House Hotel, Hatfield

Joined ATA originally as an MT Driver

Postings: 1FPP, 5FPP

Class 3 Pilot

Reprimanded and fined 3 days salary in Feb 1943 for 'Neglect of Duty'


4 accidents, 2 her fault:

- 1 May 1943, a forced landing in a Hurricane after a hydraulic failure

- 20 Jul 1943, while taxying 'without sufficient care', her Spitfire Vb hit a stationary Beaufighter [Severely reprimanded]

- 29 Nov 1943, she landed her Proctor LZ651 crosswind on wet grass, disobeying airfield 'runways only' signals, skidded and hit an obstruction [Severely reprimanded and suspended without pay for three days]

- 13 Apr 1945, a wheels-up forced landing in Mustang IV KM217 after the selector lever jammed


d. 27 Feb 1948 in Miles M.65 Gemini 1a G-AJZI owned by St. Christopher Travel-Ways Ltd, which crashed at Ridge Park, Wallington shortly after take-off from Croydon airport.

She was acting as co-pilot to Wing-Cmdr William Herbert Whetton; he and the 2 passengers were injured in the crash.


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