M.313  First Officer  Leon Hubert Jaugsch
 flag poland   b. 30 Dec 1914, Torun, Poland 17 Apr 1943 to 31 Oct 1945 

   France, 1940 with thanks to Andrzej Schmidt



Father: Artur Jaugsch (dec'd), mother: Stanisława [Dolatowska]

Ed. High School, Torun, Poland

prev Polish Air Force (2nd-Lieut) from 1 Sep 1936. Fled Poland 18 Sep 1939. Interned in Rumania from 18 Sep to 7 Oct 1939, then resident in the UK from 12 July 1940.

RAF (306 Sqn) from 12 Jul 1940 to 27 Mar 1943, based at Northolt.

An article written in 1977 by P/O William R 'Bill' Dunn of 71 (Eagle) Squadron RAF describes an encounter with Leon: "On 6 Jul 1941, I saw a Hurricane from No 306 (Polish) Squadron beating up an Me109E that refused to go down. I gave the Polish pilot a hand with a couple of good bursts from about fifty yards and, with heavy black smoke pouring from it, the Me 109 rolled over, headed for the deck, and went in just west of Mardyck [nr Dunkirk, France]. The Polish pilot, P'O Leon Jaugsch, and I shared this victory. Jaugsch now lives in Los Alamitos, Calif., and we correspond regularly." - via Andrzej Schmidt

prev exp 550 hrs in Poland, France and England.

Postings: 5TFFP, 16FPP, 8FPP, 3FPP

Two accidents, both his fault:

- 14 Jun 1944, in Spitfire IX MK913, he mistook a 'dummy' road for the start of the runway, and damaged a wing whilst landing.

- 30 Mar 1945, he bailed out of a perfectly good Mosquito - a Mk VI, RF847 - when he thought his starboard engine was on fire. Subsequent technical examinations of the wreckage found nothing wrong, so they thought he must have mistaken either static electricity or exhaust flames for an engine fire.

 ata leon jaugsch  1945

 He was demoted to Third Officer in March 1945 for 6 months, when he "deliberately flew above cloud on a ferry flight from Edzell to White Waltham. As a result the pilot became lost and found himself over unknown country ... which proved to be France."

"He has shown exceptional keenness and willingness throughout his training" ... "A good officer but is inclined to be a little excitable. Discipline - excellent"

m. 6 Dec 1944 in Carlisle, Florence E I [Mundy] Daniels


Moved to the USA after WWII. Naturalised 1963:

d. 8 April 1984 - Orange Co., CA, USA


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