W.133  3rd Officer Zoe Elise Jenner 
 flag england   b. 10 Jul 1922, Ealing  6 Sep 1943 to 30 Sep 1945

 zoe jenner 1945  RAeC 1945



Father: Ronald Vivian Jenner (1894-1970), Mother: Winifred May Louisa Powe (1893-1963)

Ed. St Michael's, Bognor Regis

Address in 1939: Davenport Rd, Bognor Regis

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"An interesting cricket match was held this club last Saturday, Women v. Men, and attracted a good audience. The men were handicapped by batting left handed and catching with only one hand.

I found it difficult at a distance to distinguish some of these lissome ladies from the men, as both wore white trousers and shirts and had short hair. I don't know much about cricket, but I did learn that in bowling the women at the start gave the men some advantage with " wides," but MISS PALMER and MISS ZOE JENNER soon put a stop to that. I am afraid the men won easily in spite of their handicap but it was an amusing afternoon which was all that mattered. " - Bognor Regis Observer - Saturday 24 August 1940


 Address in 1943: Paddy's Land, Beach Estate, Felpham, Sussex

ab initio trainee

Postings: 15FPP

 1 accident:

- 11 Jul 1945, when taxying her Defiant I DR966, it weathercocked, the starboard wheel "fell into a trench" and the aircraft nosed over. Partial brake failure was suspected.


engaged to a Mr. Thompson in 1944, but does not seem to have married him.

Gained her Royal Aero Club Pilot's Certificate (No 20646) as part of the ATA's 'Wings' scheme on 12 Oct 1945


d. 15 Aug 2013 (age 91) - Bosham, Chichester, West Sussex 

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